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Chan family Disciples, WST Masters  & HSG instructors

This 30 hour course is for licensed instructor members and will cover teaching methodology and practise of tai Ji , Ng wan Luk hei bwa gwa, Wu Ji , Di Lohan. With the focus of one form per day with txt book provided.

The cost of the course ( including text book) is $350 usd and accommodation has been offered as free stay in the school, free billet with the Canadian members or make your own private arrangements at your costs. To add to our learning experience Sifu Chen Yong Fa will assign tigers to run an 90 minute class each day teaching a new Weapon form, revise the Fei lung sin and revise 10 animals form. Sifu will  supervise and  test all applicants at the completion of the Kung fu courses.

Please contact  Attention DSH Mark Whelan on email to register your interest. .


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